IT Contract Consultants

Our consultants give a faster return on investment with expertise in database technologies, agile software testing. Our consultants can help you succeed with architecture, testing, planning, implementation, upgrade, & migration.

Senior data integration & ETL developer

Experience with the full range of data integration and ETL processing including these phases, tools and techniques:

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  • Data profiling and data quality analysis
  • Data cleansing, deduplication and fuzzy matching techniques and algorithms
  • Address standardization
  • Match-merge processing, record survivorship and master data management
  • Information lifecycle management
  • SQL analytics and PL/SQL application development
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder, Talend suite, RedPoint

Data warehouse multidimensional design & administration

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  • Multidimensional modeling, star & snowflake schema design
  • Kimball design methodology, slowly and fast changing
  • dimensions, classic patterns and solutions
  • Physical warehouse implementation, materialized views, cubes, MOLAP
  • Oracle Database 12c (and earlier) Enterprise Edition, MySQL

Data analytics & BI lead

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  • Advanced data visualization
  • Dashboards, scorecards, KPIs and BI metrics
  • Oracle BI Publisher and web publishing
  • Oracle OBIEE & IBM Cognos data analytics

Senior database administrator

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Full stack administration, both on-premise, private cloud and public cloud based including these skills, tools and techniques:

  • Oracle Database 12c (and earlier) Enterprise Edition, including columnar stores, multitenant database consolidation and in-memory database options
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (and earlier)
  • Oracle WebLogic Application Server platform and web-based deployment, administration and troubleshooting
  • Oracle ASM storage virtualization
  • Oracle RMAN backup & recovery strategies
  • Oracle TDE & Oracle Net encryption
  • MySQL open source ANSI SQL implementations
  • VLDBs, partitioning and partitioning
  • SQL access method tuning & optimization
  • Oracle ADDM/ASM/Advisory Framework and database performance tuning
  • Paessler, Yast and Linux systems performance configuration & tuning
  • Linux installation, administration & shell commands & scripting
  • Server consolidation & virtualization

Project Management, DevOps & QA

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  • Agile SCRUM methodologies and principles
  • Gherkin requirements specification
  • TargetProcess and Trac project management platforms
  • Git version control, continuous integration, continuous deployment
  • DBaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and cloud-based computing
  • Black box, white box, unit, acceptance, exploratory & regression testing techniques
  • Test-driven development (TDD) and domain-driven development (DDD)